Matic: Nice to score my first goal

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Chelsea 6 - 3 Everton

Costa 1’, Ivanovic 3’, Coleman (OG) 67’, Matic 74’, Ramires 77’, Costa 90’

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Someone stop Petr Cech, he’s out of control

" It’s an honor and a privilege to wear the Milan shirt. "

" I want to bring Milan back into the Champions League and hopefully we will stay there for many years. "

" I already know some of the Milan players like Alex, Essien and Diego Lopez. "

" Albertini has also told me good things about Milan. He is a good friend of mine. "

" I want to make the Milan fans happy. "

" I can’t wait to start the new season, and I have already spoken with coach Inzaghi. "

" I was close to joining Milan when I played for Atlético Madrid, but that was a long time ago. "

Guys, this is my idol.. Fernando Torres.  (via navyspain)

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literally the whole football fandom (via alonsos)

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A look at The Great Danes stats as a Liverpool player

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